Linda Sparrow
Business Development

Kristy Sparow
Creative Director & Photographer Relations

We are in an exciting new era of fine art photography: Your space. Your energy.™

About Us

After White was founded by a mother-daughter duo born out of love and an absolute passion for photography, and we are dedicated to helping you integrate exceptional, personally relevant fine art photography into your environment.

A new culture of photography art lovers has emerged. Today’s buyers are looking for images that feel more genuine and personal—they want to set the tone and energy in their spaces. This means that the image is both personally empowering and also relevant to the world as they are experiencing it. 

After White offers the highest quality fine art prints from an exciting pool of global photographers who know how to visually capture evocative images. Our extended network of photographer relations can also serve as a powerful tool in support of any custom photographic project. 

Please enjoy moving through our gallery—and feel free to contact us anytime as we’d love to hear from you.

We Give

Believing that the well-being of every person and our natural environment is vitally important to our future, and we care about maintaining an educated and genuine connection with what’s going on around us. This is why we are dedicated to donating a portion of our gross sales to a couple of our favorite non-profit organizations that do amazing work in support of those in need.