Customer Guide

After White represents a breed of accomplished photographers who live and breathe their art.

• Every stunning image in our gallery is individually printed utilizing only the highest-quality archival materials and museum practices.

Creating a login account provides individual art lovers with a private Lightbox—a place where your favorite images can be saved for future viewing. And for our interior designer and other trade colleagues, by creating a login account you can create multiple Lightboxes allowing you to provide clients with a select set of images in their own private viewing area.

We let all registered guests know when new images have arrived and what’s going on with your favorite photographers. [Create Login]

• When you place your order, a receipt confirming your purchase will immediately be emailed to you. Your print will be professionally printed, packaged, and shipped within 10 business days. Once your print is on its way, we will send you the shipping and tracking information.


Every After White fine art print is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the gallery and embossed with the After White Gallery seal. The certificate contains specific information including artist’s name, print value, image size, and purchase date, as well as gallery details.


We view framing as an art unto itself. For the best possible framing outcome, we recommend that you work with a professional framer to determine how you want your new piece of art to look in its intended environment. However, for those who want to receive a framed, ready-to-hang image, we work with excellent framers using conservation practices that include the highest-grade hardwoods and highest quality UV-protection and non-glare plexiglass, as well as other archival materials for the longevity of your fine art print.

Please note:

• We do not frame the largest size of each offered image. However, if you have a special request, please contact us.

The borders and framing you see on this page are for visual representation only.

Hardwood - Black
Hardwood - White
Natural Maple
Metal Print Exhibit Mounts


Growing in popularity as a new fine art medium, metal prints have a luminescent quality and are known to bring out vibrant colors and deep contrasts (black and whites look great on metal), making them ideal for complimenting a modern design. Suitable for both interior and exterior spaces.

Metal prints are best viewed at eye level and in indirect or ambient light without spotlights. Our metal prints are scratch resistant and water proof, and with proper care they have an archival value of over 150 years. Delivered ready to hang with exhibition-style mounting and important care instructions.


We would like to help you accomplish any special project goals you may have. Please contact us to share the details, and we will respond quickly.



Our worldwide network of photographer relations can be a powerful tool in support of any photographic assignment. We can procure or commission original pieces that address your specific theme, style, size, color, and series needs. Trade prices available. Please contact us.