After White cares a lot about supporting at-risk communities. This is why we give a portion of our gross income to the following organizations who offer successful programs that provide healing and empowering opportunities to the underserved.


Inner-City Arts

Since it was founded in 1989, Inner-City Arts has brought life-changing opportunities to more than 150,000 children, ages 5 through 19, who live in Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods. Their programs support learning, positive interaction, and personal achievement, and they involve the whole family to help support the family unit. Inner-City Arts also provides training for the educators and community partners who work with kids, and are regarded as one of the nation’s most effective arts education providers.

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David Lynch Foundation

At-risk populations especially suffer from epidemic levels of chronic stress and stress-related disorders, which compromise an individual’s health, education, mental and emotional well-being, and rehabilitation. Since 2005, the David Lynch Foundation has helped to bring the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation technique to more than 500,000 children and adults by working directly with underserved populations through school, veteran, prison, wellness, and survivors of violence and abuse programs. TM is a profound successful daily meditation practice that naturally instills greater calmness, creativity, and awareness—representing a major contribution to society.

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