After White Photographer, Kristy Sparow, Shoots World’s Most Famous Fashion Show

December 14, 2016, After White

After White photographer, Kristy Sparow, was among the handful of photographers on this year’s Victoria’s Secret runway. The event took place at the Grand Palais in Paris and aired globally on December 5th, with an estimated audience of 800 million people in over 90 countries.

During spectacular events like this, Kristy recognizes that these are especially important moments in the lives of everyone who walks out onto the stage, and she shoots with that in mind. “And personally,” she commented, “the colors, the lights, the fabrics, the music, and particularly knowing the perfection that goes into the details, all become inspirations to me creatively, which supports the fine art photography that I love shooting.”

Victoria’s Secret has become an icon for the fashion world—between the Victoria’s Secret Angels and the Victoria’s Secret brand, there are over 250 million social media followers. This year the world’s top super models and music performers, including Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd, performed their way into a spectacular show.

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