Photographer Collection

Kristy Sparow

Paris, France

Kristy Sparow has had a lifelong love affair with photography. After developing her career in Los Angeles, she made the move to Paris in 2009. Since then, Kristy has been consistently working at the top of her profession in fashion, music, and entertainment with images regularly seen in major media around the world. Her career is highlighted by photographing many of the most-notable designers, as well as many memorable events, such as working on stage for Justin Timberlake; photographing private, exclusive Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation events in southern France; at the end of the runway for the internationally broadcast CBS live Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; solo photographer at the end of Saudi Arabia’s first 2018 fashion show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; meeting and photographing world leaders such as Barack Obama and Emmanuel Macron; and spending a weekend with the Dalai Lama in Strasbourg.  Kristy has received many Best Of acknowledgments and enjoys her fine art photography work.