Photography’s Contemporary Era Has Come To An End

November 21, 2017, After White

Photography is at the heart of our visual worldwide culture. So why are the major online fine art sites, as well as the international photography fairs and galleries, so over populated with 20 to 50 year-old images that may be collectible, but are no longer truly contemporary.

More than any other slice of our global population, the upwardly mobile millennials have become an intriguing force behind how we are discovering and purchasing fine art images online. This means that the traditional gatekeepers standing guard over what is selling will have to keep up with how this new world of players are influencing the photography art market.

After White’s online gallery owner, Linda Sparrow, dubs what’s next as the relevant era of fine art imagery. “Today’s buyers want to fill their space with an energy that is personal and empowers them every time they walk into the room. And particularly with the advantage of large scale prints, relevant fine art photography has the impressive ability to stop you in your tracks.”

Sparrow added, “Searching for relevance in a sea of irrelevance can be a daunting experience, and by acknowledging that we are in a new era of relevant fine art photography, we are allowing evocative new work to emerge without dragging the past 50 years along with it.”

Although technology has allowed our global culture to become inundated with images, fine art photography will always be about a standard of expertise and artistic creativity that can not be overwhelmed by the prevalent use and sharing of images. This is because fine art photography has everything to do with what the photographer sees, and not what the camera sees.

So what exactly is the criteria for defining an image as belonging to the new relevant era?

  • First, the buyer feels a personal connection with an image that empowers one’s sense of self or future.
  • Second, it is being able to see the skillfully accomplished artistic vision of the photographer in the image.
  • Third, the image represents the work of a photographer who is capturing or creating a vision that reflects life on our planet today—and in this way, what the photographer is doing out there in the world also becomes a part of the image’s story.

After White offers relevant museum-quality limited editions, with options for customized and commissioned pieces.

Featured Images: Paris Skyline, Water Element & Fireworks

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