After White Photographer Worked Solo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

May 01, 2018, After White

Today’s fine art photography collectors want to know what the photographer is up to in the world. One of After White’s international working photographers, Kristy Sparow, just returned to Paris from Saudi Arabia’s first-ever Fashion Week, where she was the only photographer on the runway. Sparow was hired by NOWFASHION (Paris, Italy, and New York) to shoot for the Arab Fashion Council, and her images from this historical event are now being seen all over the world.

Arab Fashion Week in Riyadh took place at the city’s Ritz Carlton Hotel, and served as a strong, symbolic step towards a more liberal economy and female empowerment within their culture.

According to Sparow, she had as much fun being a part of the event as the women attending. Even though the event was a women-only, sold out event, there was still some initial hesitancy to attend. On the first evening, the attendance was low. However, all went smoothly and by the final day the venue was filled with several hundred women. Out of both necessity and respect for Saudi culture, Sparow wore the traditional abaya and hijab (long black dress and headscarf) while on the runway, in the hotel, and wherever she went.

The Arab Fashion Council, who Kristy was shooting for, is the world’s largest not-for-profit organization, representing the fashion industry and the creative community in the 22 Arabic countries. AFC’s long-term vision is to establish an infrastructure that will secure the region’s role as a leader in the fashion industry. According to Arabian Business, the middle east fashion industry could create jobs for 20 million women.

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